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Collaborative Artificial Intelligence: What’s a Cobot?

The rise of the Cobot 

The Book

AI is in the news every day. But its potential uses and value for your business aren’t clear. How can this technology help your business services ? How can AI improve your daily workflow by lightening your workload? What are the most common use cases in services? How do you even get started?

If you’ve ever wondered about the answers to these questions, then this book is for you.

The two authors have spent the better part of the last decade deploying AI projects in the United States and abroad. With this book, they deliver a pragmatic and positive view of AI and its business applications for service activities. They demonstrate, with supporting examples, how any SME or department of a large business can become their market leader through a new generation of services based on collaborative Artificial Intelligence.

In this book, we will discuss:

  • Why collaborative AI is  essential to companies and their employees.
  • What Cobots are, and how they will positively transform advice, consulting, marketing, sales, customer relations, and all the tasks that require reasoning in your business, no matter the sector of activity.
  • Which tasks can be automated in order to promote a multitude of new services and to relieve your teams of unnecessary tasks.
  • How collaborative Artificial Intelligence will help you reposition your business toward a premium approach.
  • How collaborative Artificial Intelligence is a unique opportunity for your business to take the lead ahead of your competitors.

This captivating book includes several concrete examples to serve as models to help make your business a market leader!

What Is a Cobot?

As the name suggests, a Cobot is a robot that works in collaboration with humans. A Cobot in the service sector takes the form of a PC, tablet, or smartphone software that communicates with an employee using a voice interface, a touch screen, or a keyboard. A Cobot reasons based on a large volume of data, asks close-ended questions, and produces personalized and well-argued responses based on each specific context.

How Will Collaborative Artificial Intelligence Transform Your Work?

Technological reality proves that AI remains very far from matching the power of the human brain. AI available today has no common sense, no real creativity and no empathy. Above all, it has no consciousness. The superiority of the human mind will remain indispensable to accomplish quality tasks. Determining which repetitive tasks AI can do, and which noble tasks humans will do in a company context is the key to make AI a successful solution for your business.

How Cobots will Transform your business

The book explains how artificial intelligence, and specifically Collaborative AI, will transforms service sector companies, whether their activities are related to B2B or B2C services. Those who think AI can automate everything and replace employees are wrong. The AI revolution is mainly based on three components that we illustrate throughout the book:


The automation of some repetitive tasks allows employees to focus on value-added tasks with the ultimate goal of promoting new services that would be prohibitively expensive to sell if produced manually.


The ability to augment knowledge workers with cobots helps them be more efficient and make better decisions while also reducing their stress.


The premium repositioning thanks to collaborative AI is crucial for digitizing individualized expertise and making the product easy to buy and use, for generalizing one-to-one marketing that explains the added value of a product or service to customers in an individualized way, and for industrializing the production of truly custom-made services for each customer.

Authors’ biography

Matt Rauscher

Matthieu Rauscher is an entrepreneur specialized in artificial intelligence. After six years of deploying artificial intelligence projects in the United States, and as CEO & founder of Nituno, Matthieu now helps disruptive software companies define their growth strategy, market and sell products that will lead the Services 4.0 revolution. Matt is also a speaker in artificial intelligence in North America and Europe.

John Rauscher

John Rauscher is an entrepreneur, author, and lecturer in artificial intelligence. A graduate of UC Berkeley and a successful serial entrepreneur, he has co-founded three companies in the last twenty-five years. The first was listed on the Paris Stock Exchange and the second was acquired by Oracle. The third has become a recognized leader in artificial intelligence. Since 2010, he has supervised client deployments of about one hundred AI projects. John Rauscher also has extensive international experience in the United States, Asia, and Europe. He is the author of two other best-selling books: Conquering Silicon Valley published by Eyrolles (Editions d’Organization) in 1999 and PME: Succeeding on the International Stage, prefaced by Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the IMF. It was published by Groupe L’Express in 2008.

Extract of the book

“Today, AI has some clear technical limits, yet the fear of people being replaced by machines on some tasks remains a psychological deterrent. Cobots overcome this human psychological challenge by making people’s lives easier at work and helping them accomplish more and at a higher quality than ever before. A cobot is sort of a knowledge conveyor that is quickly accepted by employees and augments their performance, driving value for the business.

As the twenty-first century progresses, the power of AI provides an effective answer to the four constraints on companies described in chapter 1:

1. Too much collected and available data, which limits an individual’s ability to analyze such large volumes of information.

2. A wealth of product or service offerings, which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to determine the best product that matches the needs of an internal or external customer.

3. The number of regulations and internal business rules to process, which exceeds the reasoning capabilities of the human brain and consequently heightens the risk of flawed consulting and potential legal liability.

4. Customers or prospects are increasingly better educated through the internet, which convinces them that their own problem analyses are accurate. They become demanding, wanting immediate answers at ever-lower prices. “


How Collaborative Artificial Intelligence Will Grow Your Business Exponentially?

You can book a conference on demand with one of the book authors by filling out the message form at the bottom of the page.

Matt Rauscher (US and Asian markets) and John Rauscher (European market) often work with two formats:

  • 4-hour Web conferences for a personalized presentation and interactive strategic discussion with your company’s executive team.
  • On-site conferences from 90’ to 4 hours.

The half-day working session will allow your executive team to understand why Artificial Intelligence is going to impact your business and how to seize this opportunity, most notably:

  • Cobots and Augmented Humans,
  • Automate Repetitive Tasks,
  • Augmented Marketing,
  • Managing Human Resources and recruitment for the new era of collaborative artificial intelligence.

We are not in love with Technology for the sake of Technology.

All of our conferences are focused solely on leveraging tools to generate positive business outcomes.

At the end of our conference, your team will leave with ideas to explore, roadmaps to follow and a direction to work towards in the months and years to come.


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